YourGoffPro #3 – Choosing the proper shaft flex

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What is “shaft flex” and why does it matter? Free golf instruction on how to choose golf clubs with the proper shaft flex.


Bryan H says:

this was awful

MarcusAurelius13 says:

@YourGoffPro I was wondering, if i am swinging a 6 iron around 100 mph should I get 6.5 or 7.0 Project X shafts?

2468Bubbly says:

You didnt give any advise about choosing a shaft. Useless waste of time.

burns83 says:

Great advice. Thanks

kenneth njoroge says:

That was awesome teaching after long practice a teacher is always be a teacher

methodicaljuan says:

Thank you so much! I see different flexes on Amazon and didn`t know what they meant. Unfortunately, I live no where near a high speed store store that can measure my swing. I am just a beginner. If I bought cold turkey, what flex would you suggest? I understand it would just be a suggestion.

samiam1150 says:

Every golfer should use the softest shaft  flex that he or she can control to maximize distance while keeping the ball in play. A second shot from the fairway travels further that a second shot from the rough or woods.

Friend-a-Foe says:

GOFF Pro? 

arisyn89 says:

The intro is so painful

Mox_au says:

of course we know now that the shaft has gone way back toward the ball well before it hits it like this braket ( if you were looking at the swing of a right hander from the front

Charles Seel says:

Search for camera shutter on the golf swing please.  You'll find that the shaft bends back as it hits.  Hit an old persimmon and you'll know the club bends back on a solid hit.  So much physics in golf without any real physics being done.  The shaft affects the tiny time the club is in contact with the ball.  By extending that time, distance, spin etc are created.  Allowing the shaft to flex lets the hands progress while energy(read: time) is being transferred from the clubhead.  Too much flex and the energy goes into overflexing the shaft and the ball has taken off already(with an equal force going back into the club&shaft of course).  Too stiff and the impact slows the hands and the ball takes off without benefit.  Yes, a flexible shaft will whip and cause errant shots but this will not gain distance if controlled.  The hands still applying force forward through the shaft gives you the pop.  This timing of the release thing started when right handed people using right handed clubs started swinging with their left hand.

Javier Alvarez says:

thank you for this video, your clear explanation made me understand better what does the different flex do. 

Bourne Accident says:

I don't buy any of this flex horsehockey. The stiffer the flex, the more accuracy. You want some extra pop? Learn to get that snap from your release. I prefer to be in the short grass every time I tee off. Having a whippy shaft messes with consistency which can cause errant shots and off center hits. I made two drivers, both spine aligned. Same heads, same shafts, but one was X and the other S. I kept the X. I lost about 1/2 club in distance if that but gained incredible consistency.

maserati199 says:

Very Great Video, just the information I needed!

Jacob Harris says:

If someone swings 100-115 mph I know they need a stiff or X stiff shaft but if this person used a regular flex shaft to hit a draw would this produce more distance than a stiff?

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