YouTube Beginner Golf: Lefty Series

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Ron Savard says:

This is great! I am right handed but my seven year old is a natural lefty and just got his first set of clubs. Thinking I'll grab an old set of left handed clubs so I can learn with him and go out for a left handed challenge with him in a few weeks.
Have you thought of challenging Rick and Pete to left handed skins match?

Digital Jedi says:

Interesting watch. I am right handed in most things. Write, throw, snooker, tennis, kick with right also, but cricket and baseball I swing from left side. GOLF however I learnt at a young age to swing right handed, however I can't help the feeling I would be more natural as a lefty. Ive just got back in to golf recently was never good anyway but really want to make it my mission over the next few years to get good. Just need to decide which way to focus on.

Kevin Fellows says:

great to see you've resurrected the lefty series Andy. being a lefty myself and back playing again after 20 years off.if was helpful to see your ideas and practice drills. then you stopped doing them . so looking forward to the new vlogs . downside to this is your poor choice in football teams .

89Sod says:

Interesting guys, I am ambidextrous and play snooker to a fair standard and although I'm no where near the same standard left handed as right I've managed 30 odd breaks with my left hand BUT anytime I've tried a left handed club I've barely hit the ball! So many different factors involved, so big respect to you guys and good luck! #moneysoncarter

James Littler says:

Quality stuff. This pair have it all. Superb vlogs, great tips, clear instruction, and they're both United fans! What more could you ask for. And for a little fella, that Fletch has certainly got a decent packet on him. Respect.

Dave Bucks says:

looking forward to the new site and reckon it will be a great year for you and us. Left hand series is really good as can really identify now and same struggles as us normal golfers have

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