Zero Turn golf swing – For golfers who cannot turn their body

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This is a customization on my Setup 4 Impact golf swing, and is intended for people who have back, hip, or other pain that does not allow them to otherwise play golf. I think many will be able to play decently with this swing. So if you have a bad back, hips, knees, etc… give this a try. More info on my website on the member’s setup customizations page.

My Setup 4 Impact golf swing can improve every aspect of your game, as it is the easiest golf swing to learn ever developed. This is because you can customize the method easily to fit your own needs.

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Gorden Scottfan says:

Have shown this idea to some older (not to many left older then me) guys that they can still hit the ball a long way because most guys when they get old still have arm strength…just need to keep returning to the ball on the same path

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